Come and discover these new creations!

Organized by the Association des Céramistes du Québec, Carac’Terre is the only urban ceramic event in the province.  Carac’Terre presents the largest choice of quality ceramic ware in the region of Quebec and offers many activities.

Carac’Terre presents the work of around thirty ceramicists who each have their very own style and techniques. From the choice of clay to that of the firing, as well as the techniques used, each ceramicist has a very personal identity.

Earthenware, stoneware, porcelain/ wheel thrown, handbuilt, castware /electric, gaz or wood kiln/ raku and smoked ware:  a world of possibilities…



Meet the artists
Wheel throwing demonstrations
Free iced tea
Wheel throwing lessons
Kids mini clay sessions
Handbuilding worshops

Don't miss these events!

Wednesday June 28th : Happy Hour Inauguration!

Wine will be served in ceramic gobelets especially crafted for the event!

Bring 5$ and get one of these unique gobelets for the evening. Then, either keep your unique gobelet for that price or give it back and retrieve your refundable deposit .

Awarding of the Terre et Thé Prize by Camellia Sinensis.

Saturday July 1st  - Sunday July 2nd

To come

Friday July 7th - 10h : Awarding of the 2017 Public’s Prize.

The ceramicist who will have gotten the most votes, will receive the 2017 Public’s Prize.

A 50$ gift certificate will also be drawn amongst the voting ballots that will have been filled out by the ceramic market’s clients.

Saturday July 8th  - Sunday July 9th

To come

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Carac’Terre, Quebec's Ceramics Showcase


  • When: Wednesday June 28th to Sunday July 9th 2017,  from 9h to 21h
  • Where: Place de l’Université-du-Québec
  • Free admittance